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Inside LSD Full Length Documentary

Lysergic acid diethylamide, abbreviated LSD or LSD-25, also known as lysergide and colloquially as acid, is a semisynthetic psychedelic drug of the ergoline family, well known for its psychological effects which can include altered thinking processes, closed and open eye visuals, synaesthesia, an altered sense of time and spiritual experiences, as Read more

Deep Purple – You Keep On Moving

An amazing song written by Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale closes the album “Come Taste The Band” published in 1975.It is the only Deep Purple studio album featuring Tommy Bolin, who replaced Ritchie Blackmore on guitar. The song itself is a true gem, not only musically but also in terms of lyrics. From the beautiful [...] Read more

Helpful Ideas For Coping With Panic Attacks

Red bridge? Panic Attack! Image by Grainsdecesames Are you experiencing problems related to anxiety? This article is a must read for you if you are. You don’t have to let anxiety control your life anymore. The information in the following article provides you with the power to control your attacks and vastly improve your quality [...] Read more

Abraham-Hicks: One of Abe’s Clearest Explanations On Focus

All Material Owned By:Abraham-Hicks www.abraham-hicks.com Tunes @ intro/credits only, title and artist listed in credits Pic found here: picture-book.com Created By: Missy Tree www.missytree.com 2012 San Diego – This is deliciously good. Very clear, very soothing, a lot of nurturing in Abe’s words. I feel immense appreciation for all, Read more

Links Between Marajuana Use And Panic Attacks

Pro Am Panic Attack Image by Secret in the Dirt See more at Secretinthedirt.com A life taunted by panic attacks can be very difficult to manage. The condition and symptoms vary with each individual and can be instigated by a wide range of conditions. This fact makes it difficult to find a technique that will [...] Read more

91 Calm in the storm, 19 minutes of soft piano music by Paul Collier, beautiful video by wavesdvd

Download “Calm in the Storm” on iTunes and support Paul… itunes.apple.com www.PaulFromStokeUK.com Listen to relaxing piano music whilst watching a beautiful video of the sea during a storm. “Calm in the storm” music by Paul Collier (c) 2011 All rights reserved video by WavesDVD.com, (please visit WavesDVD.com YouTube Read more

Angels & Airwaves “Diary” Official Music Video

Angels & Airwaves official music video for the track “Diary” from the new double – EP “Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal”. On sale December 18th 2012 – taking pre-sale orders NOW! Exclusive digital & merch bundles available only at angelsandairwaves.com Directed by Mark Eaton Video Rating: 4 / 5 Read more

Helpful Advice For Preventing And Handling Panic Attacks

Manic Panic Attack: Suzie Image by Clinton Steeds A little Photoshop fun. I know Suzanne has actually had blue hair before, but I almost think she should give the green a try. Anyone who has experienced a panic attack knows how scary and crippling it can be. The sensation of panic can greatly impact your [...] Read more

TFS Abridged Parody Episode 25

Episode 25: Nail is Piccolo, and so can you! Visit our website at: www.teamfourstar.com Our Facebook: www.facebook.com Cast: Lanipator – Piccolo, Krillin, Vegeta LittleKuriboh – Freeza MasakoX – Gohan, Goku Takahata101 – Dende, Councilor Nappa Hbi2k – Nail KaiserNeko – King Vegeta Featuring Faulerro as Butarega Read more

Caetano Veloso: Vuelvo al Sur (En vivo)

Caetano Veloso interpreta su versión de -Vuelvo al Sur- un tango de Piazzolla con letra de Fernando “Pino” Solanas. Extracto de su DVD – Un Caballero de Fina Estampa – Caetano Veloso sings his own version of -Vuelvo al Sur- (I return to the South) tango from Piazzolla and lyrics from Fernando “Pino” Solanas. Read more