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Deep Purple – You Keep On Moving

An amazing song written by Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale closes the album “Come Taste The Band” published in 1975.It is the only Deep Purple studio album featuring Tommy Bolin, who replaced Ritchie Blackmore on guitar. The song itself is a true gem, not only musically but also in terms of lyrics. From the beautiful Hammond intro, through some passionate solo moments, it shines with sheer beauty of rock.The vocal duo takes us for a moving journey filled with spiritual anxiety. Simply taste the song:) Lyrics: You keep on moving Far away, far away You keep on moving Far away, far away Everyday, wheels are turning And the cry… still returning Dawn will soon be breaking, The day has just begun. You put your arms around me Like a circle ’round the sun. Dance across the seasons To a place that no one knows Where angels fear to tread…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This one is very much related to the Stranger Danger episode. If you’re going to be afraid of something at least make sure it’s a credible threat, or you’re really wasting your money and your life

48 Responses to “Deep Purple – You Keep On Moving”

  1. this theme makes one to think about what we are…………..uhmmmmmm

  2. Deep Purple makes my soul carry to infinit and beyond. love to you

  3. the guitar solo in the end so calming, relaxing.. i love this song..

  4. Hammond is sexy

  5. 1. You keep on moving, Far away, far away
    You keep on moving, Far away, far away
    2. Everyday, wheels are turning,
    And the cry, still returning.

    .ref. Dawn will soon be breaking,The day has just begun.
    You put your arms around me Like a circle ’round the sun.
    Dance across the seasons To a place that no one knows,
    Where angels fear to tread.

  6. simply great!
    now one will be anymore like them …

  7. Czy wie ktoś, gdzie znajdę ten obraz mężczyzny z rozłożonymi rękoma w dobrej rozdzielczości ?

  8. R.I.P both Jon and Bolin , Tommys birthday were today, may these two friend rock together now up there !

  9. I can’t stop listening to this song…this is a masterpiece! <3

  10. totally fogotten?.. C’mon, stop kidding us :-) Don’t believe Simon Robinson :-)

  11. rgergthsdghsargesrh Reply January 9, 2013 at 5:29 pm

    Deep Purple sucks!

  12. R.I.P Lord Master of Hammond and almost totally forgotten Bolin…

  13. a totally lost Purple classic! Why isn’t this song up there with “Smoke On The Water” and “Highway Star”?

  14. Glenn is one of the few male singers that actually sound like black female singers. And that is a rare gift. With the male power ofcourse in his voice. Truly magnificent artist!

  15. 3 fuck..ng idiot

  16. 紫の炎が燃え尽きる、そんな象徴した曲ですね。

  17. - Така се пише и изпълнява ….. КЛАСИКА !

  18. uvijek

  19. Το κομμάτι απλά τα σπάει!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Για να τελειώνουμε τα πολλά πολλά.-

  20. Best song on the album.

  21. jesmo jesmo :) 

  22. super, zapraszam do siebie, gdzie jest wersja live glenna hughes’a i wiele innych

  23. Columbine had armed guards, it didn’t stop anything. Besides, are we supposed to have armed guards and metal detectors at restaurants and shopping malls?

  24. It is excessive , and it does nothing to stop these tragedies. You can’t live your life governed by irrational fear, we cannot be so cautious that it is obstructive. And yes maybe, but the government should not serve the irrational knee jerk reactions of the grieving. God, Americans are to obsessed with safety.

  25. If a school has metal detectors, they most likely have armed guards, or something along the lines of that?
    So it decreases the chance of more kids being shot

  26. They don’t search you “personally” you’re making it sound like they go through your diary and read your crushes. They want to see if you have GUNS, not look into your private life. Your hopes and dreams and personal information are not made of metal.

  27. a false sense of safety is not a fair trade off for our privacy. as someone who has had to deal with this metal detector bullshit, I find it a gross violation of my personal freedom. The government doesn’t have the right to make school mandatory then subject me to search and seizure when i try and enter the premises I am required by law to attend. I am not a suspect of any crime,nor have I committed any crimes thus i should not be treated as a prisoner,and my right to privacy should be respected

  28. No, its not excessive when there is potential for people to be murdered. I am certain, and I know you are too, if your beloved family member(s) were to be killed in a shooting that could have been prevented with a little extra security, you would change your attitude real quick.

  29. No it looney because 1. Its excessive. 2. Its unnecessary. 3. It trains our children to think they will always be searched, and they have no right to privacy ever.

  30. As I read your comment I thought hard about it. So your point is that: We should not attempt to secure the safety of our children with metal detectors, because whether or not we search, a shooter will not reveal his weapons. Correct? Well, we have metal detectors because it is an excellent way to search people extensively for firearms and blades(ones that could be cleverly concealed). There are cavity searches and pat downs included. I am bemused that 37 people liked your comment.

  31. Humans are emotional & when it comes to safety people often let the emotional aspect override logic. That’s especially true when it comes to our children. Look at school shootings. It’s tragic but our kids are still safer at school than they are at home. People are scared to let their kids go to school when,statistically, more young kids die in basic home accidents.Drowning in the bathtub,falling furniture etc kill more children yet people worry about the highly unlikely because it’s emotional

  32. apparently a plastic bag protects you from, biological and chemical and nerve agents radiation? didnt know that good to know

  33. 19:59
    Taint swab!

  34. BeholdTheLeviathan Reply January 10, 2013 at 7:28 am

    Since you don’t have a comment/message option, thanks so much for hosting all these P&T Bullshit episodes, I’m seriously addicted and it’s fantastic. <3

  35. GabrielSparkletits Reply January 10, 2013 at 8:18 am

    Fail troll is failing.

  36. You fail at trolling.

  37. they are fat :D DD thats why :D they are fat infidels…… god is great

  38. If the government actually spent as much money putting people in jail as they did educating people we’d have a hell of a lot less crime.

  39. In Australia we recently had a govt make work campaign spending tons bringing a “education revolution” what we got was tall sharp fences around almost every public school. Now this wouldn’t deter a shooter very much but at least it would create a choke point you could lock down in time for the cops to arrive. Alternatively people should be made aware that “crazy ned” may freak out and shoot up a school so watch “crazy ned”.

  40. the alchol hand soaps is what gets me
    i seen kids licking it off their hands in public
    and there is nothing you can tell them other than see you dead in 20 years

  41. why was that policemen pointing a gun to a kids face? he is dealing with a 13 year old not the mexican mafia

  42. your ass is cleaner than a kitchens chopping board

  43. SaturdayMorningAlive Reply January 10, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Yes, they are. :(
    Herb bless you.

  44. Sterile inoculation is a tricky bitch :/

  45. And people wonder why the system is fucked

  46. 19:47 for the good part

  47. Bullshit. Name one. If a kid went through a metal detector everyday, you think he’d forget it the one time he brings a gun to school to shoot everyone. Columbine had metal detectors for god sakes. The kids are either going to shoot their way through or go on their spree outside the school.