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Recovery 19 addictive relationships

Promis recovery centre brings you a short talk by Dr Robert lefever about recovery from alcohol, drug abuse, eating disorders and other addictive behaviours. for further information please contact promisclinics.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

How to: Recover From Your Eating Disorder

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 Responses to “Recovery 19 addictive relationships”

  1. robert lefever thief and con man, google it, read the truth about this nasty scum bag

  2. @fxmxqkn
    It didnt take long for us to get back together. If you say the right things they’ll want you back. Check out this video and learn how -> bit.ly/RUBait?=gfkvuv

  3. So, OK, I was one of the first intakes into PROMIS Nonnington in 1986. I knew Dr LeFevre and son Robin who was in with me. I am still a pisspot. My life is lived in alternate bouts of total abstinence and chronic alcoholism. I have tried to help myself and I have tried to allow others to help me but nothing changes. I now live with and accept. my condition.
    The one person who got through to me in PROMIS was councilor Mike – a fantastic man.

  4. Have known Robert for around 13 years and first met him back in 1999.At the time I was heavily addicted to Benzos, Methadone, Heroin & Crack and had been for around 8 years with 5 overdoses under my belt.Meeting Robert Lefever change my life and if it wasnt for him I would not be here today with my Grogeous wife & 2 Daughters.It really upsets me when I read these negative comments about him from these” internet trolls “Theres one word to describe Robert and thats Inspirational.
    Thank You Robert

  5. thank you.. this is a helpful video :-) 

  6. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to make the points you’ve expertly presented here to my own clients in the process of (or struggling with recovery from) divorce. Very fine work here: Made this video a Favorite, Rate it a 5. May God bless you in your continued work.

  7. So much wisdom here on codependency.

  8. this is very helpful to me doc. i am coming out of a ten month dysfunctional relationship. its just like a drug addiction. i know its not healthy. we were breaking each other down.

  9. True in so many ways! I wish I would have known about these 2 types of addictions during a relationship I had with my ex-girlfriend…

  10. you gave me the key of understanding what’s wrong with me i salute you doc!

  11. I swing back and forth between wanting it…Y^Y I’ll be somewhat okay for a little bit until I see a Victoria Secret commercial or something of the sort…and I slip back into it again…

  12. You have saved me, honestly. Especially with this video, but also other videos you have. You are doing a really good job. Congratulations for recovering…you saved me and my health and I thank you from the bottom of my heart<3

    ~Avery <3 :)

  13. What were you eating when you were anorexic? And what did you have to eat to gain a little more weight?!

  14. HaHa mine was called Kate too!!

  15. Hi! I really enjoy your videos LouFederer. And I admire how honest and you really know how to describe what anorexia does to people. I’m 30 years and I suffer since I was 17. Bee in and out of the hospital 6 times. Then one day I decided and changed everthting and started eating again. But I could not stand that first fatty tissue that is accumulated. I gained 7 kg and maintained there for a while. Now the weigh is 9kg under going down…

  16. Eat a cheeseburger

  17. how long did it actually take to be in control of your routine??

    didn’t you get disheartened along the way?? what was your motivation for recovery????

  18. I LOVE YOUR VIDEO!!!! What you say is so true!!! I have a question…..What are you eating to regain a healthy weight? I need to gain 40lbs! My BMI is 16.5. I HAVE THE WANT!!!!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!

  19. I LOVE YOUR VIDEO!!!! What you say is so true!!! I have a question…..What are you eating to regain a healthy weight? I need to gain 40lbs! My BMI is 16.5. I HAVE THE WANT!!!!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!

  20. I can’t go in it w halfheart? Um,well…..makes me unsecure cause what am i doing atm is exactly this! I do want to recover but trying also to lose weight,but I have a limit, a healthy one. Like the very lower helthy BMI 18. Fighting everyday to eat a huge amount of food,to eat outside….and it’s working BUT ONLY IN THE CASE if I’m able to go to the gym the next day and also restrict. I can eat but I need to be sure not to gain weight. Is it not a step towards recovery?

  21. I’m at the worst point of my ED which seems to have evolved from anorexia to bulimia, which means that i’m at a higher weight than I used to be, and my BMI is 21.3 or something so I’m clearly not underweight. My query is, how do you deal with the weight gain?

  22. You can message me a reply if you wish, but I was wondering how much weight you gained in recovery?
    I personally think you have the perfect body, and I want to attain that.
    I’ve suffered with anorexia since I was 14 and now I’m 16.
    I want so so badly to gain a bit of weight.
    I was just wondering how much weight you actually started at and how long it took you to get to be so beautiful now.
    Please and thankyou. (:

  23. This hoody is from American Apparel, the flower in my hair is from Accessorize! I shop in allll kinds of places though. I like to mix it up :) xx

  24. asfkgjhas;flg I can’t get over how amazing you are. I’m so incredibly glad you recovered :-)

  25. if you get a therapist because you want to recover, and your parents don’t know about your ed, does your therapist have the right to tell them or do they keep it between the two of us?

  26. your story sounds just like the book “Skinny” …

  27. Great words of advice my darling - couldn’t have put it better myself!

  28. Water Dreamin Ophelia Reply January 11, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    omg your mum sounds a bit of a …not much of a mother realy, how can u do that to your daughter?

  29. when you said “you can’t go in half hearted”, i just want to say that i completely agree with having to really want recovery in order to actually recover. but i wanted to add that i think it’s important to ditch the ‘all or nothing’ aproach that all sufferers deal with in their ED. if you do have ‘half’ a desire to recover then we need to hold onto it and use it to keep ourselves as much afloat as possible, instead of saying ‘well if i’m not completely motivated then i won’t try at all’

  30. do you think this advice works well for binge eating disorder? Cuz that’s what i have

  31. your voice has changed so much! I just realised that because I was watching some of your old videos again!
    You are lovely thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  32. It was not easy at all… It was hard work. Sometimes I fell into bulimic habits, but after a long while I made it through. You will eventually maintain after you’ve gained the weight back. Your metabolism takes a while to adjust – that’s all it’s down to really. But your body will respond in reaction to what you put it through: the less you ate before, the more quickly you’ll gain – but that doesn’t mean you won’t eventually maintain! It takes time, and although it hurts, it’s all good

  33. ur so pretty now ! so beautiful , still thin! could you stand up ??
    much more glowing and healthy looking :D in a reallyu good way !

  34. You’re such an inspiration! It’s amazing that you were able to have that kind of strength. How do you get that kind of motivation? I really really want to recover, but I obviously don’t want it enough because I’m not able to get better. And that’s really frustrating. Do I just wait and hope that I will want to recover more than anything else at some time in my life?